The secret behind QR Codes

Most of us have seen QR codes–after all, they’re everywhere nowadays. Yet there’s a good chance you’ve never tried using them. Perhaps you’ve thought, “I already have enough apps on my phone. Can’t I just use Google?”

Well, guess what? Your cell phone probably has a QR code reader. They’re built right into the camera feature of your phone. All you have to do is point at the QR code with your phone’s camera and a “WEBSITE QR CODE” will pop-up, tap on the pop-up and you’re taken to the site that piqued your curiosity. It’s just that simple!

3 step process QR Code scanning

In fact, you can use them for your business, too. With QR codes, no one has to remember your website address anymore. Even better, you can use QR codes to generate leads and even make direct contact with prospects.

For example, you can use a QR code that takes someone to a short online form that lets people sign up for your newsletter. Or they can go to a white paper or an online video. You can even use a QR code to connect prospects to a live person who will call them back immediately, while your product is still fresh in their mind.

The business to consumer uses are easy to imagine. What about business to business? QR can be beneficial when connecting a busy professional when having a QR code is on your business card. You scan the QR, a form pops up on your phone and automatically sends your lead and email while you’re still talking. Now you have a prop to impress while you’re face to face and a way to reach out again with a follow-up.

Better yet, use a QR to connect to your LinkedIn Profile. Now they are not just connected to you but are in the best place to get detailed information about you and your business.

MarketM8 business card scannin process and end result

QR codes can be used anywhere in your buyer’s journey. From advertisements, your shop’s price tags, to the box you shipped to bring your customer back to your website for easy access for their next order, and even on the instructions inside the package for a PDF or video for a how-to on assembly or setup. Now you’re standing out with good customer support and building brand recognition and trust. Last but not least, your QR can be branded with your logo.

If you want your own QR codes, just fill the form below. We are here to help you get your own custom QR to get you started and enhance your digital marketing success.

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