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  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account on another browser tab.
  2. Click Kelan’s connections, and a new tab with a LinkedIn results page will open.
  3. Set any filtering like Industry, Location, or Company.
  4. Copy the LinkedIn profile URL of the person you’d like a personal introduction to and submit it using the form below.
  5. Please submit this form, and the introduction will take place as soon as possible.

Need inspiration on that introduction message?
Below is some text you can use or edit. It would also be great to mention something about my relationship with you.

I want to introduce you to Kelan Raph, founder of MarketM8, a digital sales and marketing agency that leverages its team, process,
and technology to augment and scale your digital sales and marketing execution. 

I think you might be interested in talking with Kelan and his team about how they are succeeding in generating sales for their customers.

Happy connecting!