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Our Company

We are MarketM8, a digital sales and marketing agency who leverage our team and tools to augment and scale your digital sales and marketing execution. Our process runs account-based marketing campaigns to impress and engage your target prospects, producing new engagements to your sales teams via email and your HubSpot app.

Our Team

Our company was founded by Kelan Raph. Kelan is a strategic advisor for sales, marketing, and business development. He has built successful companies from the ground up with a strong internet marketing presence, honesty, and integrity. His team is a group of men and women that share his work ethics and are passionate about clients growing successfully.

Our Mission

MarketM8’s mission is to efficiently achieve direct sales engagement with your target market.

The Problem

  • Digital Advertising is extremely expensive
  • Marketing Technology is complex, and developing faster than companies can adopt and leverage
  • Developing and executing marketing campaigns takes a long time 
  • In-house systems are lacking or non-existant to manage from target to customer
  • Sales professionals don’t like to prospect, are expensive, and have high turnover

The Solution

  • Cost effective, automated engagement technology 
  • Customized delivery of business marketing content
  • Multichannel delivery for Account Based Marketing 
  • Brand Impressions across the target account
  • Engages targets across their organization
  • Feeds sales professionals with engaged targets
  • Speeds up sales cycle
  • One week Onboarding

How do we do this?

Leveraging data from highly dynamic search algorithms, we automate prospecting to qualified leads, engaging our customers’ Sales Professionals in meaningful, effective conversations.

We’d love to talk to you about your digital marketing strategy,
please fill out the form or give us a call directly: ‪(408) 320-5565‬